20 thoughts on “It’s dinner time!

  1. Yay Tyler you finally look happy on a photo hope you enjoyed your tea that looks right nice xx love mum Ann nannan Bev


  2. Hi Ayaan, hope you’ve had fun today and enjoyed the museum, looked like fun! Hope you’re not missing us all too much already! Love Sara, Sabaah & Ami


  3. Ooh I’m very jealous Y6, your tea looks lovely. Hope you have all settled into your rooms and have enjoyed your first day. I’m missing not being there, but I’m keeping up to date with all your adventures. The classroom has been quiet without you Ethan and Alfie.
    Mrs Evans


  4. Hi Katie!! hotel looks great, looks like you’ve made yourself at home moving furniture around already. Hope you’ve had a fantastic first day, looking forward to seeing lots more photos. The house is so quiet without you. We miss you lots, love mum, dad & candy xxx


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