More from Beamish.

We have been down a drift mine, visited the dentist, the pharmacist and the bank. Such a busy day. The school was nothing like Herringthorpe, thankfully. The boys are glad they don’t have to work down the mine when they are 12 years old and the girls didn’t much fancy staying at home to help Mum with the washing on Mondays either.

7 thoughts on “More from Beamish.

  1. Hey Sara and Fatima hope ur both having lots of fun, not spotted u the pics yet, but I’m sure there is a lot more to come, love u lots princesses xxx


  2. Hope you are ok Tyler? You don’t look very happy on the photos we all miss you love mum ,Katie and your brothers xx


  3. Hi Rebecca I’ve seen u on the picture you looked so happy have a great time from mum Andy Peter and Melissa we love you so much


  4. Isabelle that helmet looks like it is balancing on your head! Love you , looks like a fun filled day. Good night, sleep well and look forward to tomorrow’s pics ❤️


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