8 thoughts on “Trips by tram.

  1. Hi Ayaan. It’s aunty Ash. I hope you’re having a fabulous time on your trip. I will be keeping a look out for all your pictures over the week. Lots of love x


    1. Hi Ayaan!!
      Wow, According2 yr photos it appears like u had a fab day. This is just the 1st day of yr adventure. Whats for tea? Im sure it wil b smthing nice2 eat enjoy!!!


  2. Hi guys – you look like you are having fun Jack (Ward), we’re all missing you already. Xxx have a great time. I will keep looking and posting comments. Xx

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  3. Hello Izzy, hope you having a fab time so far. Have a good night and enjoy tomorrow. Lots of love mum and dad and a big lick from Poppy ❤️Xx


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