16 thoughts on “We’ve arrived

  1. Looks like a lovely room for you. Really enjoying all the pics and seeing you so happy. Given Kosmos a smuggle for you. Hope you have great night sleep. Lots of love and hugs Mum and Dad xxx


  2. Have a fantastic time mason (Padley) looks like you have had a good first day make loads of memories with your friends. Mum dad and patch love you loads


  3. Love the hotel, looks like you’ll be having a great 5 days there. So happy your with your friends. Enjoy your evening xxx


  4. Hi Ollie!! The Hotel looks fab and looks like you have settled in. Your night might be quieter than ours 😂👶👶. Love you lots.


  5. Heyyy Sara hope you’ve settled in well, the hotel looks nice too, don’t be too disappointed that there are no bunk beds I know you were hoping their was one… however atleast you and your friends are together xxx love you princess


  6. Glad your there ok Finley and you look so happy! Have loads off fun we are missing you already. Daisy keeps shouting your name upstairs! Love you lots xxx 💙


  7. Joseph, love seeing and reading about all you and what you are getting up to, looks like great fun. Enjoy the rest of your trip, loads of great memories. Thinking of you. Xx


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