13 thoughts on “Let the postcard race begin!

  1. Looking forward to receiving your postcard Sienna. Looks like you have had a fun filled day today love mom and dad 🥰🥰🥰


  2. Can’t wait to receive our postcode Katie. Hope you have a good night sleep. We are looking forward to see what adventures you get up to tomorrow xxx


  3. Loving the photos and been able to follow your journey. What a busy day you have had today and out after dark too 🤫. I can’t wait to see what adventures you all get up to tomorrow, fingers crossed you’ll get to see some dolphins 🐬. lots of love xx


  4. Can’t wait to get your postcard Tyler just hope Buddy the dog doesn’t beat me to door as he likes to eat the post 😭 .


  5. Ooohhh wow postcards proper old school an email would have done or you could have Ben FaceTimed anyways it looks like you had had a brillant day..hope you’ve been enjoying yourself ayaan..Lots of love auntie Shebina 😘


  6. Hi Sara and Fatima ,it’s aunty saj hope yur enjoying yur stay ,Isha Is sending her love ,inshallah hope to see you soon xx


  7. R8 our milly mop
    Hope uve ad a fandabbidozy day
    U all look like uve ad a fab time today down on the beach and the weather is kind again to u all
    Juddy n Lola missing you now lol and asking where you are and I just tell them ur having a fab time with ur teachers and classmates by a beautiful beach.
    Hope ur feeling better now and enjoy the last couple of days
    See ya soon xx
    Love yoooooooooooo lass xxxx


  8. Mummy, daddy, ur brothers and sisterz
    are all eagerly waiting to recieve ur postcode and read it. I can see from d photos u and sara have been enjoying ur day. Missing u soso much xxx love mummy


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