And the rock represents…

While on the bay at Holy Island, the children selected a rock/pebble that represented something that meant something special to them. Many children remembered loved ones, shared philosophies about life and some celebrated new life. We created a cairn on the beach as a memory.

10 thoughts on “And the rock represents…

  1. How interesting! Can’t wait to hear all about this. We’re all missing you a lot, Ismail. Your brothers have gone very quiet without you here. They can’t wait till you’re back.


  2. There was a lovely picture of you on here earlier Scarlett ?? It’s not here now so I’m guessing Mrs fearnley didn’t like her perplexed expression to whatever you were sharing.. 😂😂😂 looks like you are having a great time xxx missing you heaps x ♥️♥️♥️


  3. What a lovely thing to do together making the cairn. It looks like you have had another amazing day enjoying yourself and making treasured memories. Looking forward to receiving our postcard and seeing pictures of your adventures again tomorrow. Kosmo keeps looking for you but is keeping your bed warm :). Wishing you a great night and can’t wait to see you on Friday.
    Lots of Love and hugs Mum and Dad xx


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