Good morning for Bamburgh

What a glorious morning in Bamburgh. Perfect weather for our boat trip this morning. 🚤

16 thoughts on “Good morning for Bamburgh

  1. Good morning!! Fab day ahead with the boat trip, much braver than me Ollie. Your breakfast looks much nicer than the mush the boys are eating. Can’t wait to follow your adventures today💙💙💙


    1. Morning Everybody. Wow Jack that looks a great breakfast to start the day with. I’m so jealous of you all today, I wish I was going out on the boat. Have a fabulous day and make lots of memories. Lots of love Mum 😘 xxx


  2. Good breakfast and a beaut smile to start the day. Missing you heaps.. enjoy the boat trip. I’ll be following your adventure xx 😘❤️


  3. Looks like your enjoying your breakfast Sara, looks yum, hope u an fatimah r both well an bet your both super excited to go on the boat trip later, can’t wait to see the pics


  4. Morning Mason, breakfast looks lovely x enjoy your day out on the boat today, hope you have lots of fun xx cant wait to get you back home tomorrow xx


  5. Morning everyone hope you all enjoyed your breakfast.Tyler I hope you are taking lots of photos I can’t wait to see the photos and hear all about what you have been up to.Can’t wait to see you Friday Kobi thought you was coming back next Monday lol 😂 xx


  6. Morning Finley breakfast looks nice! Auntie Vicky has gone to the hospital today to have your baby cousin so looks like you will be back just in time for a cuddle! Love you xxx 💙


  7. Morning all
    Morning milly
    Super day in Northumberland today so should enjoy ur trip on the boat
    Hope u all ad a good kip ready for it
    Enjoy ursens and make the most of it
    Text soon
    Bye millymop
    Love yoooooooooooo xx


  8. Good morning Faizaan
    Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy the boat ride. It’s got to better than your last experience on a boat right????
    Love you loads


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