Rockpool sketching

Tonight we are sketching out our rock pools from our earlier adventures down by the sea.

3 thoughts on “Rockpool sketching

  1. It looks like some1 enjoyed their fruit crumble and custard Ayaan That BIG smile across yr face!!!
    Have fun sketching out yr rock pools whilst u wer down by the sea earlier. Im sure u wil have som interesting 1’s2 sketch by using your imagination and their creativity. Just go4 it!!!! U have 1 more sleep nite2 go, so do sleep well. Nite, nite Ayaan.


  2. Wow! What amazing sketches! It looks as though you have all had a super week! I’ve loved keeping up to date with all of the fun activities you have been up to. Can’t wait to hear about it all when you get back to school. Miss Cooper x


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