7 thoughts on “Sheer amazement at the Farne Islands!

  1. Hope u enjoyed the boat trip . We got u postcard today and I love it can’t wait to see u tomorrow enjoy the rest of u trip love mom and dad 🥰 🥰🥰


    1. Wat a super exciting day u have had on yr 4th adventure day Ayaan. The pictures of yr visit2 the Farne Islands r outstanding, especially having the perfect weather. Wat an amazing experience u have had over the last 4 days. We cannot wait4 u 2 share yr experience wit us all 2mrw. We r all super excited 2 c u 2mrw….We may all turn up2 greet u wen u arrive outside the
      school gates 2mrw😂. Do enjoy yr final evening of yr adventure!!!


  2. Wish I was there , looks brilliant! Thank you for the postcard Iz made me laugh. Your snoring dog will be awaiting your presence tomorrow night 😂😂. Have a lovely last couple of days everyone. Love mum, dad and snoring Poppy xx


  3. Hi Kenzie
    Just wanted to say thank you for your post card, it’s lovely and We really enjoyed reading it!
    It looks as though you’ve had an amazing time, I must admit, I think out of all the pictures I’ve seen my favourite day would have been today, can’t wait to hear what was your favourite!
    Rio is now on an hourly countdown until you come home, he’s missed you in school too and says the house is so quiet without you (Not as quiet as it would be without him however).
    We love you pal! Make the best of your final evening and day tomorrow!
    Sleep well mate!
    Love Mum, Sy & Rio xx


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