All packed

All packed and ready to leave the Sunningdale Hotel. Heading out to finish our adventures at St Aiden’s church and the Grace Darling museum.

3 thoughts on “All packed

  1. Would just like to thank all the teachers and helpers for giving my grandkid milly Oliver-ripley an experience she will never forget at herringthorpe school.
    She will look back in years to come and remember this final holiday at herringthorpe, and hopefully tell her kids about it, and how she had the best time with her friends and teachers.
    It’s not very often you teachers get praise, but to give up your time for a full 5 days with other people’s kids, is just incredibly generous.
    So hopefully Millys been behaving hersen for you all, and honestly, thank you so very much for the past 5 days.
    See you soon millymop xxx
    Love yoooooooooooo xx


  2. Morning Ols! Hope you have had a fab time, we have all loved following the blog and seeing your adventures. Enjoy your last day, I can’t wait to see you missed you loads. The boys have lurgy but are OK so you will be getting snotty kisses when you get back😘


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