Our last night

Last night we all shared our most special moments of the week and how these will shape our future.

Such lovely comments from the children about new friendships made, new experiences and how this will shape their future. What a week! If any parents out there would like to be ‘residential ambassadors’ we need you. We want all our children to sign up to this amazing experience and who better to fly the flag than you?

Thank you amazing team staff and children – oh and Mr G (who is here next week also as a volunteer with Greasbrough and Roughwood) – you have been truly awesome!

11 thoughts on “Our last night

  1. Thank you for giving our children an amazing experience. Have a fab last day. Safe journey home and can’t wait to see you Jack, missed you sooo much. Teachers / TA’s ……. don’t worry it’s nearly the weekend 😜 you’ve done an great job looking after our children & keeping them safe. Thank you xxx

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  2. Thank you for all the lovely pictures you have been posting over the week all the children (and staff) looked like that have all had an amazing time filled with memories and fun. Thank you for keeping our children safe and I cannot wait to see you mason we have missed you loads. Xx


    1. Your final and 5 adventure day has arrived Ayaan. Enjoy!!! Wat an amazing experience4 u all. Big thanks 2 all teachers for sharing the amazing experience on social media(this blog). I have enjoyed following all your activities since yr arrival. Safe journey home, we will cu later.


  3. A big thank you to everyone, the kids have made so many memories this week. Can’t wait to see you Iz , have a fantastic last day and safe journey home xxx


  4. Looks like you’ve had a fab week, thank you to all the teachers/teaching assistants for taking care of everyone and making sure they had a good time, looking forward to seeing you Mason xx


  5. Morning. What a week and experience that I know Joseph and all the other children will cherish and have great memories from. Thank you to all staff who looked after my boy so well, you definitely deserve a relaxing evening and weekend and maybe a small /large tipple :).
    Hope you all have an amazing last day and journey home and can not wait to see you Joseph.
    Thank you again. xxx

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  6. Thank you to all the teachers and everyone who made this trip a special adventure for all the kids . We have loved seeing all the pictures .Enjoy u last day Sienna can’t wait to see you later love mom and dad 🥰🥰


  7. Thank you all so much for making this a fun experience for the children, one which they will look back on fondly for years to come. Enjoy your last day Faizaan and safe journey home
    Lots of love


  8. Enjoy your last Ayaan..we have missed you.see you When you get back.im sure you going to have lots to tell us all. Lots of love auntie Shebina
    Teachers you are the best..👩‍🏫


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