Dear diary,

Tonight’s activity was a reflection about our adventures for the day in the style of a diary. Some of the children shared what their favourite sights were and how they felt seeing such historic monuments.

8 thoughts on “Dear diary,

  1. Hope you’ve had an amazing day Kyrah. We keep refreshing to see all of your fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Love you xxxxxx


  2. Hi mason another fun filled day loving seeing all your pictures from all the adventures. Hope your having loads of fun. Love you loads patch missing you he keeps looking out of the window when he sees all the children coming home from school he will be licking you like crazy when he sees you. Anyway have a good nights sleep ready for tomorrow’s activities. Xx

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    1. Hope you’re having a great time mate, looks action packed!

      Don’t forget my stick of rock 😉.

      Can’t wait to see you.

      Love Auntie Chris and Uncle Zara 😂


  3. R8 millymop
    Hope uve ad another fab day today on ur adventures
    Looks stunning all the places uve all visited and full of rich history as well.
    Enjoy ur last 2 days and try to take everything in
    Lola n juddy getting very excited now for
    seeing you again on Friday.
    Juddys told me to tell you that she’s a big girl now coz she’s had 2 needles today at the drs for her pre booster schooling and DIDNT cry lol
    All missing you, but u enjoy every second up there in Northumberland
    Text you tomorrow
    Just like to thank all you teachers as well for giving milly and the other lads and lasses the opportunity of this fantastic holiday
    Thank you 😊
    Nyte nyte millymop and the rest of ur school mates xx


  4. I bet all that fresh air has tired you out after another busy day. I hope you enjoying yourself. Have a good night’s sleep and I will be looking on the blog for tomorrows adventure. Love you loads xxx


  5. Looks like you’re all having and amazing time.

    Ayaan, you’ll have to tell us all about it on the weekend😊

    Yara and Aunty Naz


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